Friday, April 27, 2007

Iraqi Friends

26 Apr 07
It seems to me the Iraqis form friendships on a much deeper level than the average westerner. They are always very mindful of others’ feelings and always very polite. The average Iraqi isn’t like the guys you read about in the newspaper so ready to kill westerners, Americans, or Christians. Much as we misunderstand Iraqis, the Iraqis and even the Brits misunderstand that we Americans like to use our war machine because we’re so good at it. I think the IqAF guys are figuring out that

Abdul Aziz came by my office to visit today. He said he missed me living in the IqAF camp since we don’t really go over to eat or visit with them anymore. I miss hanging out with them off duty (but I don’t miss pulling guard duty, etc.). He said he wanted a picture of us together because he wanted to show his family and friends his American friend. I appreciated the sentiment.

Abdul Aziz and Khalid are good friends both on and off duty in Basrah as well as in their hometown of Samawah. Habeeb is a very twitchy guy and both Abdul Aziz and Khalid imitate him a lot…they have it down to a T and it is hysterical but they wouldn’t let Habeeb see it or know. That said, Abdul Aziz says he respects Habeeb very much, looks up to him and wants to be like him. To them, friendships are not superficial as they can be in the west.

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emitch1 said...

It's amazing when you think about how much alike all the people on the planet are! We all want to better ourselves, take care of our families, and enjoy life peacefully...except for the nut-cases!