Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Axis of Evil"

21 Mar 07
Adnan has mentioned several times that Iraqi insurgents come from outside of the country (principally, Syria and Iran). I asked why the two countries want to see Iraq so unstable—their next door neighbor and a brother country in Islam. He said it’s because of President Bush’s “Axis of Evil” list. Both Iran and Syria are currently on the list so believe that if Iraq stabilizes then the U.S. can turn its attention (and military) on them. Consequently, they feed the insurgency to keep us tied up with Iraq so we don’t have time to focus on Iraq’s “Evil” neighbors.

I was watching an Iraqi soccer team play a Qatari team in the restaurant with Dhiaa and Salman (in English/Christianity he is named for “Solomon”). Salman got very animated jumping up, yelling and shaking his fist at the television throughout the game. It was hilarious. Iraq won 4-0.
They said the Iraqi team is scheduled to play Kuwait next week. It will be the first time an Iraqi team has played any Kuwaiti team since before the first Gulf War (GW1). Dhiaa said the Iraqis and Kuwaitis don’t like each other (really?). I’ll be in the restaurant to watch.

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