Friday, April 20, 2007

Fire Engine Pull (pic)

7 Apr 07
Rocket alarm today at 1400 though we never heard anything…an afternoon attack is out of character for the insurgents; they should be napping.

At prayers today, Group Captain Neville asked me what I was doing at 11:00 a.m. Naturally I replied, “whatever you need me to do at eleven, sir.” He invited me to join his RAF team in a fire engine pulling challenge against the Royal Navy during lunch hour. I won’t say the RAF won because they dared to field the only American BUT there was a noticeable absence of Americans on the other team who finished 8 seconds behind us. I will say that was one heavy truck. We are running a 10K race tomorrow for Easter and I used all my “finish line kick” on the fire truck today.

Got mail today including two care packages. I also got a card and book from one of dad’s caregivers, Ida, at Tuomey Hospital. She’s a good soul and took great care of both dad and me during dad’s last stay at Tuomey—no request was too much.

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