Thursday, April 19, 2007


26 Feb 07
We sent our detachment commander, Lt Col Scifers (call sign “Sci-Fi”), off to Baghdad. Maj Matt Vincent (call sign “Chet”) will follow in a few days. Chet and I were talking about where we are from. He said he’s from a small town in FL I had probably never heard of. Likewise, I told him I’m from a small town in SC he had probably never heard of. He’s from Rockledge, FL where I have several family members. His father owns a construction company there. He has an uncle and cousins in Sumter, SC. Small world…we had to come to Iraq to meet.

All the gear we have to wear gets incredibly heavy after putting it on taking it off all day/every day then sitting around in it for hours…something like 30 pounds. My back muscles are tired.

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