Friday, April 20, 2007

The Camel

20 Apr 07
Hit the 60 day point today…only 119 days to go.

Allah has 100 names and he told 99 of them to his messenger, Mohammed. Mohammed in turn gave 99 of the names to his followers. Many Muslims name their children one of the 99 names. Allah told Mohammed he gave he whispered the 100th name into a camel’s ear for it to safeguard and explains why the camel is so contemptuous of and crass toward his human “masters.”

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emitch1 said...

Alrighty then...119 days til we have an opportunity to enjoy a canned beverage! I'm buying! I look forward to meeting you and your kids and seeing Susan again! I was thinking about you and the mission in Iraq a lot today as I greeted dozens of military folks in the DFW airport. Regardless of what some senator said, Iraq is NOT lost! GOD bless the USA!

Eric Mitchell