Thursday, May 31, 2007

Private Ray

29 May 07
20 years ago today my dad drove me over to the Military Entry Processing Station at Ft Jackson, SC and spent the day with me as I enlisted in the U.S. Army. I was excited but scared...seems like a million years ago now!

You might know that I'm a proud Sandlapper. It really bothered me that I had been to Baghdad twice before but didn't have my camera to get my picture taken in front of the SC flag. I wasn't going to miss it a third time!

Nor was I going to leave without adding my John Hancock to the list of South Carolinians that had already served in Baghdad!


Anonymous said...

Great picture in front of the SC Palmetto Tree!!!! You look GREAT!!! Keeping you, Pooh and your precious babies in my prayers every day!!!! Love you, Nan

USAF Guy said...

And the SC flag is right next to my second favorite place on earth, Hawaii!!! Sign me up!