Friday, May 18, 2007

Harry, Czechs & Quiz Night

16 May 07
Just saw the news that the British Army Chief of Staff has decided not to allow Prince Harry to deploy to Basrah. As expected, it would be too dangerous for him here.

18 May 07
So we figured out why the Czechs talked so much trash about soccer…that’s because they’re very good. They beat us 4-1. The Iraqis got really frustrated and it showed on the field. They had several penalties that resulted in penalty kicks against them and I saw them throw a couple of elbows. I was disappointed for them but also disappointed how they let their frustration manifest itself. At the end of the game they didn’t come over to shake hands (to be fair, the Czechs didn’t go to them either, though). I’ll have to talk to them about that.

Bad dust storm yesterday that lasted into the night. Despite that, temp still hit 100ยบ.

On Fridays, the British have Quiz Night in the pub (no, no alcohol is served). Next week our team is hosting the event. They have kidded us about not screwing it up with a bunch of questions only we would know and they bashed us a lot about a U.S. History category… “Oh, that should only last for a minute,” etc. I fired back that they don’t have to know much about U.S. History but they better danged-well know what country surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown!

Nonetheless, we decided to pick on a much easier and mutually disliked target…the French! Yeah, we know…it’s kind of like picking on a retarded kid just shouldn't do it. And we felt bad for a second then we started having some fun with it. We’ll have a whole category on French bashing. I.e., What famous Simpson said, “So are we just going to stand here like the French or are we going to do something about it?”…Marge Simpson. We’ve also included the defeat at Waterloo to the British and that bit of strategic genius known as the Maginot Line. But we’re still looking for any fun/trivia facts any of you might have to bash on the French. Appreciate your help. Send e-mails to

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emitch1 said...

Bashing the French is NOT like picking on the mentally disabled kid. You don't have to feel bad about saying stuff that's completely preventable! Idiocy and moronic policy can easily be prevented with an injection of testastorone!