Friday, August 3, 2007

Doing the Deid

3 Aug 07
Mike and I said our goodbyes the afternoon and evening of the 1st. I was surprised at the number of Brits that caught us in the halls, in the dining facility or came by to wish us well. It was a nice send off.

Several of the guys there really looked after us and we wanted to do something nice for them. Ultimately, I decided to get them an American flag and picked some up while I was on my R&R last month. We folded them up and Scifi flew them on a mission over Basrah then we made a really nice certificate stating who the flag was for, when it was flown and where.

Of course we gave one to the Grp Capt because without him we wouldn't have been living in the relative safety of the RAF camp. He commented that in his 30 yrs he's worked with the U.S. a number of times but had never been given a flag and that he would cherish it.

We also gave one to the Senior Warrant Officer who provided us with just about any piece of equipment we asked for up to and including a movie screen so we could watch movies in our corridor. He also gave me a couple of British desert uniforms for Justin and Josh to take antelope hunting in Wyoming...they'll be great in the dry grass.

We gave one to the physical trainer, Ben, who included us in every sprots tournament and was so gracious to the Iraqis...he allowed them to use the gym and even built individual physical training plans for them.

The last flag we gave to our friend Lee who provided us with hours of comic relief and, more importantly, camaraderie in addition to setting up one hell of a good time on the range.

I told each that we appreciated how they had taken care of us and likewise we knew they would also take care of the flag. They were all very touched and assured us the flag was in good hands.

Lee and Ben are roommates in Basrah. Lee planned to make it a centerpiece in his office in his house and said that he and Ben had talked about it and agreed is was the nicest thing they had ever been given. He also asked us to put comments on the back of the certificate which we did gladly.

We folded the flags in a proper triangle and explained the significance of the stars, the stripes, and the fold. I asked them how they folded their flag and they weren't really certain. Lee had never owned a flag and explained that flying a flag on their homes, et al, wasn't really something the British did though everyone knows the significance of the patterns in the Union Jack.

After our goodbyes I got a couple of hours of sleep before Mike and I pulled an all nighter to make it to Al Udeid yesterday morning (2 Aug). Our reporting time was 0200. We got up at 0100 to make it and when we arrived they said it was delayed until 0430. We just slept a bit in the terminal tent there at Basrah. We finally left at 0630.

When we arrived at Al Udeid the British collected all our information and inprocessed us into the base...all we had to do is sit there and wait for them to return which saved us quite a bit of running around. I'll miss the British.

After inprocessing we went to the travel office to check on our flights thru Germany. They rearranged our flights but mine stayed relatively consistent. Mike's on the other hand was pushed back another day so he now stays two nights in Frankfurt for some reason. We tried to get the arrangements fixed and they agreed they could fix it in a matter of about 10 minutes but their office didn't make the initial arrangements so refused to fix it. We spent 3 hours in their office trying to fix our travel arrangements but getting redirected back to Baghdad to fix it at every turn. Welcome back to the USAF!

The rest of the day I spent just wandering around the camp trying not to sleep so I would sleep last night. We catch a late night flight tonight so I'll probably try to sleep the majority of the day.


emitch1 said...

I'm going to miss these updates!

Kim said...

Wishing you a safe trip! I continue to be so proud of you!!

Sarah said...

It's very cool to hear a personal story for a change! thanks for writing.


emitch1 said...

Weren't you going to post something from home that you wouldn't post while in Iraq?

M. Simon said...

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