Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"Dead People Walking"

5 Jun 07
Our sqdn interpreter, Mustafa, didn’t come to work today. He called Adnan to say that his cousin had been killed and he was going to see the family. Adnan described the country as a lawless place where people kill one another and no questions are asked and no one is prosecuted. He said a friend of his family described Iraqis as dead people walking around…they all expect to die soon.

Adnan said the U.S. needs to leave Iraq and let the thugs have the place and eventually one of them will wrestle power and put all of the other parties into submission. I asked him, “would you leave with us and come to the U.S. if we left?”

He said, “I am Iraqi, where would I go?”

“You’ve been working with the Coalition. You will be a target.” I explained.

Resolved to this fate he said, “Yes and I must die.”

“Just like that? You are willing to stay here and die?” I asked.

“I have to die and so will many people who have been working with the Coalition. But we must die for Iraq to get better. We need someone strong to kill all of the other bad guys and to take over the country. Then we will have peace.” He said.

It was one of the more depressing discussions we’ve had.


emitch1 said...

All the more reason to re-deploy to the US borders and completely seal off the US from any outside intrusion. Sound ethno-centric and protectionist? Absolutely!

MsRedSonya said...

Their concepts and values and how they react to their environment are different than ours in the USA.

For example, I read an article a few months back about the mindframe of those in the Middle Eastern Culture in relation to how they view the strength of their enemies.

In their minds the strength of the enemy is reflected in his or hers willingness to die for whatever they are fighting for.

Point blank, the Americans are fighting not only a physical battle against the said to be enemy that has been made all the more difficult when their logic and thinking processes are pitted against the Western.

Neither side has, or is, playing by the same rules, is on the same page, or even is using the same book.

My deepest respects and thank you for caring and thinking enough of your fellow man to
offer your own life in exchange and as a sacrifice so others would not have to do what you do.

Anonymous said...

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